520 Years of Native Resistance

520 Years of Native Resistance


This is a classic and powerful lecture by temachtiani (teacher) Daniel Osuna (1992). A MUST WATCH for everyone – a crash course on the past 520 years of indigenous colonization history and its effects on the present with an emphasis on “Meso-America.”

It is recommended that one first review the Basic Telpochcalli Teachings on Circular Values and The 4 Circles so that they may identify circular/linear values in this lecture. In addition consider how the events and dynamics presented in this lecture have affected our ancestors’ mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional being.

Consider how that has radiated out to the 4 circles of our recent generations. What has been acknowledged? What has been healed? What work still needs to be done? It what ways could it be affecting our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional states in the present?..our 4 directional family structure?

” In present day society it is many times that the past is made to seem irrelevant to the present, as though it has no purpose in the present.

Of all the events where we find ourselves in the present, of the conditions that we find ourselves in the present, all lie in what’s happened historically. That’s why history is so important, so important.

If you don’t understand history how can you understand the present? If you don’t understand where you’ve been how do you understand where you want to go? ”  

– Temachtiani Daniel Osuna

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