The Xica Nation website is a Xicana-powered web project by Xica Media. is an interactive website (and social experiment) whose purpose is to serve as a living library of empowering, cultural identity-affirming, pro-earth, educational and social information.  

This website is set up to collect multimedia interviews about traditional knowledge and other realms of the 21st century experiences of the indigenous cultures of the greater U.S./Mexico borderlands.

We are seeking positive stories:
– that empower
– of the people
– of the lands
– of remedios, medicinas, plantas, traditional ways

These stories can come in the form of a link, article, photo, video, or audio.

This project aims to serve as a catalyst for further analysis, discussion and re-membering of traditional life ways and modern expressions.  This website was built to create community and collect interviews and multimedia content of culturally-relevant stories that empower.  

This project is also an attempt at decolonization by concentrating on the following:

  1. Intention:  A website / virtual library and living archive with an end goal of real-world community-building, cultural retention, and a return to the traditional lifeways.
  2. Style:  Sharing news and information that evokes a sense of hope and higher understanding.
  3. Community Empowerment:  This project aims to provide a globally accessible platform for a collective autoethnographical compilation that allows for the documentation, preservation, and sharing of our own stories in our own words while unearthing and bringing to light the remnants of traditional knowledge that remain and digitizing them for the future generations.  Content is  accessible online and also in print for use in classrooms, platicas, and other settings.

Who or what is the Xica Nation?

Xica Nation is not a real nation or a tribe…it is merely an idea that will define itself over time.  The “Xica” in Xica Nation is derived from Xicanx, Chicanx, Mexican, Mexicanx…it is nothing more than a slang version of the many labels used over time to describe the peoples of Texas, the Southwest U.S., and the greater present-day U.S./Mexico territories.  

Multiple waves of colonization from many nations have buried the stories of many of the people.  This project attempts to unearth  them and utilize modern technology to perpetually archive and share them in multiple formats so as to reach as many people as possible in every way possible.

This project is like compiling a scrapbook of our collective story as a people, in our own words – a story that many of our ancestors never got to write.  

Content consists of original essays and multimedia that meet the following criteria:

  • indigenous identity-conscious
  • stories that empower
  • earth-conscious
  • spurs individual/collective empowerment and growth
  • intergenerational knowledge and information

If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

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