Images from the Segunda Llamada of #AyoyotesOnTheGround at the Sacred Stone Camp. Image by E'Sha Hoferer.
Images from the Segunda Llamada of #AyoyotesOnTheGround at the Sacred Stone Camp. Image by E’Sha Hoferer.

The call to defend Mother Earth and her waters at the spiritual resistance camps near the Standing Rock Reservation has sparked a spiritual movement throughout the broader Mexicanx Xicanx community on both sides of the border.

Recently, a moving video documenting the arrival of danzantes at the Sacred Stone Camp went viral, a video which served as a reminder that we as Mexicanx-origin peoples had both a place and responsibility with this spiritual resistance.  A call to prayer and action was then made for all danzantes to offer their sacred dances to this prayer, featuring the hashtag #AyoyotesOnTheGround.

The vision for #AyoyotesOnTheGround was for “the heartbeats of our sacred huehuetls and the sounds of our ayoyotes to move across the territories we occupy, in unison.”  There were several cities offering prayers at the same date and time that danzantes at the Sacred Stone Camp would be offering their danzas.

Here are a few images from the event by Mayahuel Garza of Albuquerque, New Mexico who helped organize the event:

One of the cities present for the first Ayoyotes on the Ground solidarity danza on September 10th was San Antonio.  Here are two short clips via Laura Rios Ramirez and Greg Harman:

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Part of the #AyoyotesOnTheGround call to action included a call for donations and supplies.

Jefes of the Danza Conchera in the U.S.,  Helga and Jose Garza, helped organize the event and donation drives.

“On Sept. 10, 2016, Ayoyotes on the Ground was blessed to pray, dance and sing with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. We were also able to deliver over 1200lbs of food and supplies including, over 600 lbs of fresh  vegtabales. We hope to make another supply run and Danza Ceremonia, to once again unite our prayers with those of the Protectors and their  Supporters.
On this trip we would like to take blankets, tarps, coats and other winter supplies.
Thanking you in advance for your support.
!Tlazocamati!! !In Teotl!!!”

– Via Helga Jose Garza

There is currently a call for blankets and other items here:

Call for FireWood for the Water Protectors:

UPDATE: More #AyoyotesOnTheGround t-shirts will be available for online sale soon!

The “Segunda Llamada” of #AyoyotesOnTheGround was held this past Saturday, October 8th.  Prayers in were offered at the Sacred Stone Camp, Jalisco, Mexico, Montgomery, Texas, and the Sacred Springs Pow Wow in San Marcos, Texas.

Here are videos taken by E’Sha Hoferer of the danza at the Sacred Stone Camp:

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Here are a few images from the cities that participated:

As we head into fall and winter, state repression at the prayer camp by police armed in full military weaponry is increasing.   Your prayers and sacred dances are being solicited in defense of the water and Mother Earth, and against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

To learn more about the international call to prayer and action to protect the water, please visit the following links: