Call for art: What does it mean to be #IndigenousAgain?

Call for art: What does it mean to be #IndigenousAgain?

Seeking art, music, and multimedia by indigenous artists with themes of what it means to be #IndigenousAgain. All ages welcome! Pan-MeXicanx indigenous community is invited to apply!

OPEN CALL for multimedia art from indigenous community members (especially youth) that address the following themes:

  • Becoming “Indigenous Again”
  • Protecting Mother Earth
  • Celebrating Indigenous Day, removing Columbus Day
  • Decolonization
  • #Indigenous BC (#IndigenousBeforeColumbus, #IndigenousBeforeColonization, #IndigenousBeforeCapitalism,
    #IndigenousBeforeCoalMining, #IndigenousBeforeCommodification, #IndigenousBeforeClimateCounting,

SEEKING: original art, poetry, written, multimedia, music

WHO SHOULD SUBMIT: People of all ages are encouraged to submit original artwork. Art will be featured across the website and social media. Artist will be featured in an upcoming written article on the site.

DEADLINE:  October 1, 2017



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