A call for water protectors and danzantes to stop the Trans-Pecos Pipeline in West Texas.

Via Jefe Jose Garza of the tradición of danza Azteca (Texas/New Mexico) and Madeleine Santibañez of San Antonio, Texas

Jefe Jose Garza:  “Good afternoon, we are here at the Two Rivers camp this afternoon outside of Marfa, Texas. We’d just like to invite everybody to come join us. We are here to fight the Trans-Pecos pipeline. We’ve got this black snake on hold since Cannonball and we need some help.

“We need water protectors and anyone that understands the dangers that are presented by this pipeline. To take a minute to pray with us. To work with us to put an end to this pipeline and all the pipelines, that are not needed. Thank you.”

Madeleine Santibañez: “This is a call out for any people of this land that have the opportunity to come out here and do some prayers or direct action directly on the pipeline, we’d love for you to come out.

“This is a call out for Ayoyotes on the Ground.  It’s about time that we come together as a people rising up and regaining that knowledge that this land teaches us and the sacred elements. So I invite everyone, if you can, come out here and put your boots on the ground and ayoyotes on the ground and help us stop this pipeline.”

Jefe Jose Garza:  “Estamos llamando a toda la Danza Azteca que se unen para este resto y que nos ayuden a parar esta línea. Espera nuestra llamada.  Tlazocamati.”

Translation: We are calling all the Danza Azteca to unite for this prayer and help us stop this [pipe]line.  Await our call.  Thank you.”

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