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Pictured: Reburial Committee joyfully completes second reburial of six ancestors on March 14, 2020 at Sacred Springs Reburial Grounds in San Marcos, TX. Left to right: Yoli Arellano, Salina Arellano, Rudy Leyva, Lucia Carmona, Adam Alejandro, Carlos Aceves, Rodney Garza, Krisolito Garza, Maria Rocha, Karla Lara, Mike Ferraro, Ome Tlaloc, Dr. Mario Garza).(Photo: Ruben Arellano, Ph.D., courtesy Miakan-Garza Band of the Coahuiltecan)

Take Action: Rebury the Ancestors

Via the Indigenous Cultures Institute REBURY THE ANCESTORS   We're asking your help to email the U.T. Austin President Jay Hartzell and ask him to return three remains of our…

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