A few weeks ago Xica Nation placed a nationwide call for Xicanx art, photos and poetry that addresses the theme of what it means to be Xicanx today.  Here are the results, categorized by visual and written arts.

Scroll down to view the entire collection or click on an image to view the gallery.

Parental advisory: Some artwork may depict nudity.



Black Dream Place
Luis Valderas


Who are the Xicanos?
Dear Brown Girl
When They Disguised The Virgin Mary With Indigenous Strings
Affirmative Action Agony
i am la frontera
Luna Xicana
My Name Is All You See
la hija indígena
Today’s Chicanx Warriors
Cuento de Mexico
Geographic Dreaming
Xingonas’ Letter to Our Hombres and the Patriarchy
Réquiem para un nombre esclavo
To Xicanx in the Borderlands Today Means
Talahalusi: In this Paradise