By Roxanne Morataya

I’m Roxy. I’m an Avid doodler in love with cartoons, manga, zines, and textiles.

My work is an array of watercolor paintings, pencil, or ink drawings to logo, flyer and book designs. The human form is my favorite drawing subject, whenever I have time to sketch, I usually start out with either a hand or an outline for a face.

I was inspired to start drawing around 8 years old when I literally spent my any of my free time watching cartoons and imagining myself in the shoes of all my favorite characters. Most of which were characters like Rocko (Rocko’s Modern Life), Daria Morgendorffer (Daria) , and TJ (Recess). These characters were surrounded by people from different walks of life, and were individuals of different ethnicities and characteristics that stood out strongly within their circle of friends and on their own.

While I didn’t pursue a career in animation, these shows encouraged me to explore the diversity amongst the countless communities in my backyard of Los Angeles through pursuing a career in Illustration and Design.

After being inspired by the diverse group of individuals that encompasses my own friends and family throughout my artistic path, my art is shifting towards the exploration of what characteristics and interests makes me an individual. This includes embracing my family’s Latino/ Chicano heritage and history, loving my curves and stretch marks, and always making sure to embrace the often underestimated, non cis-het white, individual in my work.

I hope it’s not too late to apply, I would love to further embrace my own identity of being Salvadoran-Mexican American and Chicano by reaching out to communities in art who are succeeding in doing the same.