This is a call to action to people of conscience, to people of privilege and allies, to people who want to co-create a better world.

We are unwilling witnesses to a great crime against humanity that goes beyond politics and political parties.

If you feel the call to TAKE ACTION or get involved, we invite you to join us on a digital journey that will directly touch the lives of the people, families, and children in crisis in the US and Mexico while helping unite communities across borders and prison walls.


Join and support CONTACTO MIGRANTE, a cross-border collaboration and digital resistance project in support of Central American refugees in Mexico and the U.S.


CONTACTO MIGRANTE is a volunteer project aimed at promoting a humanitarian global response in person and online in support of Central American refugees crossing through Mexico and those who have been separated from family and detained in prison camps in the U.S.

This cross-border collaboration offers front-line assistance to refugees in both countries while using technology, multimedia, and art to amplify the voices of those affected, raising awareness and moving hearts across the world to action. This project shares universal stories and truths that allow us to see humanity in others while forcing us to examine our own.

Support CONTACTO MIGRANTE and help us reach a global audience. Sponsorships are also available.

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The purpose of this collaboration is to inform, humanize, assist, and evoke the participation of international publics so as to promote a global humanitarian response for the Central American refugees in crisis in Mexico and the U.S.

This project aims to serve as a platform for:

Through digital storytelling training, an online gallery of art, and the creation of a feature documentary, first hand stories will be documented, digitized, and disseminated to humanize and inform the public about the Central American diaspora while provide direct support to the person whose story is shared.

Through the creation of a bilingual website, information will be made available for refugees, volunteers, and the general public. Information will be made available in English, Spanish, and indigenous languages.

Through exchanging tech skills and tools for front-line responders, this project aims to serve as a central point of information for sanctuaries and centers who directly help those en route through Mexico and/or are detained in immigrant detention centers in the U.S.


1. Donate to / sponsor this project
2. Donate to El Refugio Casa del Migrante
3. Volunteer in person in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Jalisco (Mexico)


El Refugio Casa del Migrante (Mexico)
El Refugio Casa del Migrante is a church and shelter that sits near the infamous La Bestia train route just outside of Guadalajara, Jalisco. They provide shelter and relief for Central American refugees en route to the U.S. Click here to view their official pamphlet (PDF.)

Xica Media networks (US/Mexico)
Xica Media is a socially responsible creative agency and digital network production company. With deep roots in social justice in the US, Xica Media now expands the End Family Detention network into Mexico, and launches their next digital resistance project to help on both sides of the border: Contacto Migrante.

Other network partners include:


CONTACTO MIGRANTE is a creation of necessity that fuses front-line crisis intervention and assistance with digital storytelling that offers an inside view into hard-to-access stories that get muted from the social dialogue. It is a public, digital, and artistic conversation to raise consciousness of viewers and collaborators regarding Central American refugees, the adults and children imprisoned at for-profit prisons in the United States, the families being separated, and our connection to them.

CONTACTO MIGRANTE travels into the geographical and metaphorical borderlands and questions American definitions of belonging, highlighting the effects of American foreign policy on patterns of human migration and exposing the for-profit immigrant and family detention prison industry in the U.S.


The Xica Media family of networks has been involved in assisting the Central American community in diaspora since 2014. In 2015, the End Family Detention network partnered with Culture Strike, an arts organization, for the Visions From the Inside project. Women and children in “family” prisons had their handwritten letters asking for freedom and solidarity were painted by select artists from across the country.

The project was displayed for one week at the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. and later toured the U.S.


CONTACTO MIGRANTE emits from the front-lines of the Central American diaspora in the U.S. and Mexico. Project partners include front-line communities in the U.S. and Mexico, shelters, churches, non-profits, and volunteers who provide direct support for Central American families and individuals (including unaccompanied minors) who are in Mexico en route to the U.S., separated by force from their families, and who have been imprisoned in U.S. immigrant or family detention centers.

The vision of CONTACTO MIGRANTE is to reach a global audience, moving hearts across the world to participate and support directly, in person or online.

Support CONTACTO MIGRANTE and help us reach a global audience.

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This multimedia project fuses two important cultural hallmarks that span over a millennia in the Americas – migration and the oral tradition of storytelling.

Rising in the shadows of the border wall, this collaborative effort unites the voices and visions of Central American refugees who are en route to the states, separated by force in the U.S., imprisoned in family prisons, and who have been released.