Xica Nation welcomes Angela Hernandez of AngMir designs to the official Xica Nation store!

We wanted to take a moment to introduce Angela and her work!

What is your name and title? How do you identify? Where are you from/at?

Hi, my name is Angela (Angie) M Hernandez, business name is AngMir which is a combo of first & maiden name Miranda. I’m a Chicana born & raised in Chicago. Member of Mujeres Mutantes, female artist collective.

Where does your journey into creating and wearing jewelry begin?  When did you connect with your calling to produce culture-affirming jewelry?

I’ve always loved creating things since a young age. I would watch my paternal grandma Maria, (may she Rest In Peace) relax by crocheting, knitting, drawing flowers. My mom, Esperanza, would clear off the kitchen table and start making crafts & I’d watch & learn & eventually join in. Creating & crafting became something normal for me. I grew up keeping myself busy as well making different things & ended up loving to create my own jewelry. As I got older I became more aware of the lack of jewelry that would help represent me. Experimenting with different materials & looks ended up being therapeutic, creating an expression of phases in my life which ended up being unique. Doing this, friends and family encouraged me to sell my jewelry, little did I know other people would also be able to connect & relate to these pieces.

Are there any specific problems or barriers you encountered during your time related to this theme in corporate America?

There was a period of time when working in corporate America that was rough. I worked a lot with the public & loved it, even made it up to a management role. There was a location I was transferred to within the company where people of color weren’t accepted, by the customers nor employees. I felt as though I had to keep proving myself. I’ve been told to go back to Mexico by the people which left me without words. It’s different from when you hear about people being racist & making these remarks from when it actually happens to you. This, I believe became a turning point & opened my eyes to so much. Feeling as though I couldn’t let anyone break me or make me feel any less of a person I started expressing myself through wearable art. I eventually left the company & focused on my art wanting to create a change, help others express themselves & feel proud of our cultura Mexicana. So that’s where the jewelry comes in. I’ve already had experience making jewelry but it wasn’t me. I needed something more, lively, colorful a lil rebellious & fun. The only way to do this was to make & design my own beads. Arte Mexicana inspired me even more, I also create mixed media art pieces, mainly using clay & have participated in art showings. I feel a sense of calm & appreciation since I’ve started this new chapter in my life. It’s a great feeling to see & know that there are others out there wearing my creations, showing their pride in our cultura.

I’m very fortunate to have the support & love of my family to be able to pursue my dream. Most of all my husband, Sergio, who has always encouraged me to follow my heart & start my new adventure.

How can folks connect with you? Do you have any upcoming events you would like to share?  Are there any images you would like featured in this article?

If in the Chicago area you can find our handmade jewelry in the National Museum of Mexican Arts gift shop.
My wearable art can be found & purchased online at www.angmirdesigns.etsy.com
FB:  angmirdesigns
Instagram:  AngMir
Please stay tuned for our Frida Tribute show coming up in the summer.