By Don Grey Day

There is currently a gathering of nations of historic proportions occurring at the Camp of the Sacred Stones in Cannonball, North Dakota near the Standing Rock Reservation.  Nations from across Turtle Island have arrived to camp, pray, and resist in solidarity using non-violence against the Dakota Access Pipeline in protection of the water and mother earth.

The Danza Mexica of the Mexicanx Xicanx peoples has also been represented at the camp.  Last Friday, September 3rd in Dallas, Texas at the Energy Transfer headquarters, a protest was held as well by those in solidarity.

NOTE:  There is currently a call for danzantes and spiritual warriors to attend a danza at the Sacred Stone Camp at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 10, 2016.

Don Grey Day, who filmed the entrada of Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli to the Sacred Stone Camp had this to share:

A delegation from Oregon had come in before them, so I was sitting there and listening to them speak. Then, during a a prayer song, I could hear a drum beat in the distance. I thought that someone was driving into camp playing their stereo loud, so I looked. Nope, I didn’t see anything, but the drum got louder so I stood up to look again because I could see cars lined up against the darkening skies after sunset. Then it hit me.. Aztecs were coming! I got my phone out, and walked into position and started recording. I could make out movement but not really see anything yet. Then various cameras were flashing as they took pics. To me, being Lakota, it looked like lightning strikes and they were dancing with a storm. It was like something sacred had entered our camp and was announcing their presence with lightning and a rhythmic thunder being. That’s when you can hear me saying, “Aztecs people..” to whoever might see the video I knew was going on Facebook. Just as the flag of their nation came into camera view, I let out a war whoop in welcoming and in honor for the dancers… It seemed to have ignited a prairie fire and it took off! Earlier in the day, we had a run in with DAPL’s private security guard with their dogs and pepper spray so tensions were high and spirits were low… Until they danced out of the darkness and into our circle to stand in Unity with the Oceti Sakowin… I am still in awe at the visuals from the video. The lighting and timing couldn’t have been any better!! It was an honor…

Here are a few clips witnessing these historic events:

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Via Don Grey  Day.  Camp of the Sacred Stones.  Cannonball, North Dakota.[/su_column]
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Via Sacred Stone Camp video: Aztec Dancers Join Sacred Stone Camp.  Camp of the Sacred Stones.  Cannonball, North Dakota.[/su_column]
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Video of protest outside Energy Transfer headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Via Bryan Parras. Danza begins at 1:12:00 and interview at 1:58:30.


To learn more about this historic gathering of nations to protect the water and how you can help, please visit the following links: