Decolonizing Means Starting to Think Like an Indian

Decolonizing Means Starting to Think Like an Indian

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Originally posted on Unsettling America:

Decolonizing essentially means to start thinking like an Indian.
By Amy Moore & Mike Taylor, Indian Country Today Media Network
What’s your team’s name?” asked Betty, the cultural director of the tribe, as she collected $10 from each player. “We’re the Tigers! And we’re going to win this basketball championship!” replied the boys excitedly. “What about those two brothers? They cannot be part of your team. Aren’t they from Mexico?” Betty pointed to the clause that said in capital letters: ONLY MEMBERS OF FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED TRIBES CAN ENTER THE TOURNAMENT. The children protested but Betty was firm. Finally, one of the boys said: “They are Indian too! From the Zapotec tribe in Mexico. They’re our friends and they have lived in this town forever. Both speak their tribal language at home instead of English. Not one of us knows our language. If they cannot play then our team won’t play…

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