Photo by Bryan Parras

From the flooded streets of Houston, longtime community warrior Bryan Parras of TEJAS (Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services) has been on the ground in his city documenting the damage caused by hurricane Harvey.  Through live feeds he and the TEJAS family have been keeping a careful eye on the hurricane’s impact in the community and in particular communities already dealing with contamination and environmental justice issues, most of which are communities of color.   These extra circumstances of “multiple marginality,” such as being undocumented or being from a low-income neighborhood already experiencing contamination, add extra layers of crisis to an already devastating situation in which people facing life and death can’t escape and ask for help, much less ask corporate companies already violating human rights to take extra measures of precaution during a natural disaster.

Below are a few clips that detail what is happening on the ground in these neighborhoods:

  • Interviews with Democracy Now and the environmental crisis unfolding in Houston
  • A live taping of the Nuestra Palabra show discussing the situation around Hurricane Harvey
  • A live toxic tour around Houston that was broadcasted on FB live during the first days of Hurricane Harvey’s arrival

If you would like to support the critically important work that Bryan and the TEJAS family are doing, please donate to them here: