This year San Antonio joins a wave of cities across the US in honoring the victims of the El Paso shooting and those who have died seeking asylum on the altars for Dia De Los Muertos. 

This year’s altar is being created by San Antonio-based artist and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Laura Varela, who is originally from El Paso. 

"I am from El Paso, that was my Wal Mart. My mom was going that day and decided to stay close to home instead as she was expecting company. My mother’s neighbor worked there and survived the shooting. My family’s story is one tha spans the rich history of the Southwest and the America’s. I am creating this Altar at Main Plaza in San Antonio, TX to keep the memory alive of those who have perished in a loveless world."
Laura Varela

This Friday 11/1 the public is invited to the Indigenous blessing by the Comadrita Delia Enriquez and the amazing Janyn XC will be playing her flute.

The following day, Saturday November 2nd the Interfaith Welcome Coalition will bless the Altar and announce their Fast for Migrant Justice which is a continuation of their #BoldBorderAction which began last week in Laredo, TX and sister cities all over the US.

Altar for the Innocents: Memory and Resistance

El Altar de los Inocentes: Memoria y Resistencia is a tribute for the living and the dead. It is a living breathing dedication to the lost lives of the innocent who are victims of a loveless world. We have created this altar to honor their lives and keep their memory alive knowing that their deaths will not be in vain.
This altar is dedicated to the 22 people who lost their lives August 3rd in El Paso. We also honor the lives of children and adults that have perished in the detention centers; and those who perished on their journey to the United States, “the Land of the Free.”

This altar is a community based ofrenda/tribute; San Antonio stands in solidarity’ knowing that the violence and persecution can land on any one of our doorsteps. Our team is working with some of the El Paso families to create items and mementos of their loved ones. The San Antonio community is invited to add items for these departed souls or their own loved ones. We are calling community members to do their part in remembering these folks and honor their lives by creating small waves of change.

The symbolism in the altar represents our Indigenous traditions from Mexico as well as the mix of Catholic or Christian symbolism which is a true representation of the mestizaje for Mexican Americans living in the United States. We are mindful that many of our brothers and sisters from Mexico and Central America are still connected to their ancestral traditions; in which indigenous communities still practice their life ways and speak our native languages. These are reaffirmations to the larger world that we are native to these lands and migration has been a way of life for thousands of years.

This altar is created by artist Laura Varela and community partners the Interfaith Welcome Coalition, Vox Fem XicanIndia, and Xica Media. Her team includes artists and San Antonio natives Sandra Jean Torres, Lorraine Riojas-Huizar,Iris Rodriguez and El Paso natives Laura Acosta, Carmen Varela and Dean Lockwood.

Our indigenous elder and advisor Delia Enriquez will bless the space Friday November 1st at 6pm.2019

On November 2nd 10am The Interfaith Welcome Coalition will announce there Fast for Justice as part of their #BoldBorderAction for Justice and Compassion. The Bold Border Action takes place in Laredo, TX and sister cities throughout the US which kicks off October 26, 2019 at Tres Laredos Park.

Some of the materials sent from Jalisco, Mexico were purchased directly from the makers to directly the support indigenous community.