Maryanne and Sergio Quiroz and family

Maryanne and Sergio Quiroz and their children are the co-founders and heartbeat of Indigenous Roots, a multicultural community center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Whether they are creating positive spaces for cultural exchange, on the ground supporting indigenous communities in front line resistance, supporting their children in prayer journeys to defend Mother Earth, or preserving and sharing the sacred steps of the Danza Mexica through Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli, they show up for their community and their ancestors…with their kids.

In May of 2017 they succeeded in opening a multicultural center, Indigenous Roots, which has served to weave a diverse community fabric in St. Paul and abroad.  However, this past December, the family was hit hard with an unexpected layoff by Maryanne’s employer, Dayton’s Bluff Community Council, that received public criticism and left many families devastated just before the holidays. This has been very difficult on the Quiroz family as it has placed them in financial jeopardy.

Xica Nation and Xica Media networks are asking for your help in standing up and showing support for the Quiroz family.

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