GRAND OPENING of the Xica Nation store!

GRAND OPENING of the Xica Nation store!

Xica Nation is proud to present our new online store!  We support independent artisans and media makers can share works that focus on cultura, decolonization, and positive/empowering products.

At the moment we offer book, music, and donation options for community projects.

If you would like to sell your product on Xica Nation, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Check out our products and support positive works!  

The Xica Nation store is available to host and sell your virtual/tangible product.

We offer three ways to participate:

  • flat fee of $20 (upfront) to host your item for one year, or
  • a 10% fee off the total of each order

For more information, please complete the following form:

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Iris Rodriguez

Please support my work: Artivist / Writer / Rascuacha Tech / Network Producer at Xica Media / Bio Channels: Xicana Chronicles | End Family Detention | Xica Nation | Tezcatlipoca Records | MTX Files | Yacatsol | Texas UFW 2016

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