Huicholes: The Last Guardians of the Peyote

Huicholes: The Last Guardians of the Peyote

Huicholes: Los Últimos Guardianes del Peyote / The Last Peyote Guardians (Director´s Cut) – Trailer from Kabopro Films on Vimeo.


UPDATE:  The film makers of Huicholes: The Last Guardians of the Peyote are trying to organize a tour in the U.S. and Canada this November. If you are interested in organizing a community screening and platica, please contact us. 


A story about the Wixárika People, one of the last living Pre-Hispanic cultures in Latin America, and their struggle to preserve Wirikuta, their most sacred territory and the land where the peyote grows, the traditional medicine that keeps alive the knowledge of this iconic people of Mexico.  It also tells the story of Wixárika cosmology and why they are considered guardians of the planet.

This film is available for viewing online for $3.99!  


Note: Proceeds from the on-line viewing will be used for 1. cover the costs of production, distribution and promotion of the documentary; 2. finance presentation tours of this message around Mexico and the world (with the presence of the Wixaritari protagonists and the filmmakers); 3. Support productive, cultural and spiritual projects in the Sierra Huichol and Wirikuta. To know more visit:

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