abuelasThe International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers is coming together for their FIRST EVER WOMEN’S GATHERING to pass on their wisdom and ways of connecting through prayer and ceremony for our Mother Earth.

The Elders have been speaking of this time, when women would rise together to ignite the Feminine Spirit on the planet. Our Mother is calling us to restore balance, and to awaken our remembrance.

On the Spring Equinox 2014 , we will gather on sacred lands in Yavapai County, Arizona, where the Grandmother Council will guide us to return home to ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth.


Our gathering will begin on  the Spring Equinox,  and the opening ceremony will be led by the local Yavapai women, as they welcome us to the land in their traditional way. The International Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers will follow initiating our sacred time together with a ceremony to celebrate a turning toward a new way of being and doing: a way that recognizes, honors, and builds upon the ways of our Ancestors.

We will be camping on magical lands alongside the banks of the beautiful Beaver Creek.  We will be guided through a variety of ceremonies that represent the teachings and unique Medicine Ways of each of the Grandmothers’ lineages and traditions, in ways that invite us into our own personal and authentic way of relating to and honoring our relationship with Mother Earth.

On World Water Day, we will pilgrimage to Montezuma Well and hold a Water Blessings Ceremony  joining the millions of others who will be uniting with us from their homes to pray for the waters #inthenameofthemother

>>>THE CALL<<<

For those that will not be able to physically join us, we are sending a call to women everywhere to join us in  SPIRIT, in the sacred space of ceremony, in the name of our Mother Earth. This place is where it all begins, in the feeling realm of intention, where we can unite our thoughts for the greater good.

It is time for us to wake up to our planetary unity, and women will lead the way. We represent the feminine way, the beauty way, in our remembrance, we return to our source.

Like Thomas Berry said, our long motherless period is coming to a close. When we refer to earth,  as our Mother, we come into relation with her. When we identify ourselves as her children, children of planet earth, children of the universe, we treat her differently. Relationship needs to be re-established. The title MOTHER needs to return to EARTH.

So this movement is being seeded by women on the Spring Equinox 2014 at the first ever all women’s gathering with the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

This powerful group of Grandmother Elders and Medicine women are coming together from the four corners, to join in sacred ceremony and are sending out a call: a collective call that many women have been hearing, and responding to. As we do this work together, we energetically activate the feminine way, through ceremony, ritual and prayer.

So on World Water Day, March 22nd, 2014, if you feel called, join us in spirit. The Grandmother Council has issued forth a water blessing ceremony that you can do from where ever you are. May all our sacred hoops connect and activate the field of consciousness that we are a part of. May we activate it with our prayers and with our love, and our vision of a new world that cares for our Mother Earth and all living things. United we stand, IN THE NAME OF THE MOTHER.

LINK TO WEBSITE:  http://inthenameofthemother.net/

Via Roberto Flotte