Xica Nation recently caught up with Artson, an award-winning Raramuri (Tarahumara) artist from El Paso, Texas. We had the honor of talking briefly about his music, experience as an indigenous artist, and success in winning two Native American Nammy Awards…with a possible Grammy nomination. Check out the video and the interview below.

XN: What is your name, where are you from and how do you identify?

My name is Artson I was born in El Paso Texas, I live in Long Beach CA and I spent 15 years living in Las Vegas Nevada. I’m Raramuri (Tarahumara) from Chihuahua Mexico.

XN: What is the story behind Artson? What brought you all together? What was your vision with the music?

I’m a HipHop head that grew up without my culture but along my journey of HipHop culture it taught me to search and remember who I am. That’s what HipHop does when you express your self through its elements. We channel ancient ways. The graffiti is our petroglyphs, the DJ is our Drummer, the Breakers(dancers) is our way of touching and connecting with the earth, The Emcee(rapper) is our story teller. I’m a solo artist but the way The Brave Star Experience came about is my vision to create something bigger than me and to do that with those that I’m close to and are on the same path. My vision with the music is to show the next generation that they can achieve their dreams and to help them shine the light that is burning inside them. also to give insight to the elders on why the youth is so intrigued with HipHop. Like I said before It’s ancient and it’s something inside us that pulls us towards it.

XN: You’ve won a Nammy and may possibly be nominated for a Grammy…has it changed the way you feel about making music?

Well first off I haven’t got the grammy nomination yet but I did make it to the first round of voting and were praying for a nomination. Winning twice at the Native American Music Awards and being in position for a possible Grammy nomination has only opened me up more to realize the possibilities that are there for me and all those that reach for their dreams. If there’s anything its changed is that it’s only made me stronger to push me towards more for my people. I can see now that everything has lead me to this place to realize I’m hear for a reason and always have been.

XN: What would you say to young [email protected] LatinX, and indigenous youth who are frustrated with the status quo but don’t know how start or get involved?

To all the younger generation just know that all is possible but it’s gonna take work. You have to really want to give it your all and put in the time and effort. Anything is possible if you truly reach for it by being the best you.

XN: How can folks support your work? Do you have any links you would like to share?

You can support my work by following me on social media and sharing, liking and commenting on the things I share. Buy the music and spread the message.
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Featured image by Ervin Arana.