Hi folks, this is Iris, the founding editor of Xica Nation.  I wanted to quickly reach out to say HELLO and update you on a couple of things:

Xica Nation is undergoing some changes.  I originally built this platform to serve as a point of positive cultural identity-affirming information.  But given the context of the times…the many fronts of war against our communities…and the need for us to unite while under attack…I’ve come to the realization that Xica Nation needs to change focus.

In the coming days/weeks Xica Nation will become a space for community unity, decolonization, spirituality and active resistance.  I ask that you please join me in welcoming these voices to Xica Nation.

I believe that the wisdom of our elders, community organizers, our leaders, our thinkers need to be shared in order for us to create a stronger ideological base as a community in resistance.

If you have a solid background in addressing issues related to [email protected] [email protected] in your community, are a longtime activist or respected spiritual leader and would like to connect with the Xica Nation audience, let’s talk. If you are are writer interested in submitting relevant articles, feel free to contact us as well.  Our email is [email protected]

We’ll be rolling out changes slowly but surely as time goes on so we appreciate your patience and continued support of this work.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Iris “Tejaztlana” Rodriguez
Founding Editor and Web Jefa, Xica Nation