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Originally posted on Visitas arqueológicas de México on 09.12.14


“This formidable piece was found in offering #99 at the Templo Mayor (Mexico City) and consists of 15,000 small fragments of turquoise, calcite and malachite.  The outer area depicts seven entities dressed as warriors whom, based on their attributes, are related to the two principle figures in Mexica cosmology and astrology, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, (associated with Venus) and Mixcóatl, who is associated with the Milky Way.

It was discovered in the ongoing excavations on the building at the corner of Seminario y República de Guatemala.  The finding is part of the sixth architectural agrandizement of the Templo Mayor which is dated between 1486 and 1502 A.D.

Collection of Museo de Templo Mayor.
Arvin Hernández