Out of the streets of East LA, a modern day Chicano codex coloring book has been born.  Rooted in indigenous cultures of Cemanahuac and fused with contemporary urban street art, seven codices have been drawn and made into coloring books for all ages, each codex containing between 52 and 104 images.  The vision is to create a total of 20 volumes, a series which “explores and expands on the codices left by our ancestors.”

The codex coloring books are available for purchase at Chicano Coloring Books and were the vision of Israel Francisco Haros Lopez, produced by WaterHummingbird House.


“The complete codex will be over 1000 images called “Tonatiuh Tonantzin Codex” its the beginning of a larger body of work.

The process is a school unto itself where one experiments and looks inside re-membering that our history our herstory is in our D.N.A. These codices are done in the hopes that will inspire others to due the same. To push our ancestral work forward because our ancestors didn’t simply want us to copy them.” — Israel F Haros Lopez

A statement on their website reads:

We are dedicated to providing coloring books for children and adults that inspire ancestral memory and consciousness through a chicano indigenous lens. We are rasquache, indigena, mestizo people trying to re-member our ancestory. It is our belief that through these meditative, healing coloring codex books you can begin to piece together parts of you that are tied the earth.

Our hope is that you at whatever age and level of art can become inspired to create your own codex coloring book that we will begin to bring together different parts of our indigenous memory.

Israel is the artist and founder of the project and is a native of East Los Angeles.  Through his body of work as a visual and performance artist, he aims to help people reconnect with their traditional lifeways and decolonize.
Here is an excerpt from one of his poems, “Word,” produced by Tara Evonne Trudell:


Other art by Israel F Haros Lopez:


The Chicano codices are available as coloring books, however, art pieces and merchandise can also be purchased at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/IzzySquared

For more about the project or to learn more about Israel and WaterHummingbird House, visit: http://waterhummingbirdhouse.com/