MDM2015_KPFKMujeres de Maiz 18th annual live art show

A season of spiritual artivist happenings to honor womyn in mind, body & spirit

When:  Sunday, March 8th @ 5:30 p.m.

Where:  Legacy LA, 1350 San Pablo Street, Los Angeles, CA (map)

The highly anticipated Annual Intercultural, Interdisciplinary, Intergenerational Mujeres de Maiz Artivist concert, ceremony and festival featuring womyn of color and Q/T performers honoring our 18th Anniversary, International Womyn’s Day and Womyn’s Herstory Month and the coming of Spring & Mexica New Year since 1997.

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Who are the Mujeres de Maiz and what do they do?

ILE at MDM2011, Azul DelGrasso“The mission of Mujeres de Maiz (women of the corn) is to bring together and empower diverse women and girls and through the creation of community spaces that provide hollistic wellness through education, programming, exhibition and publishing.”

“Mujeres de Maiz was founded in 1997 as a grassroots, multimedia women’s activist organization based in East Los Angeles, California. Mujeres de Maiz utilizes community partnerships, mainly those developed with local artists, performers, educators, and organizers in the creation and implementation of our programming. These MdM_MArching1partnerships are primarily with Chicana/Latina college graduates between ages 25-65 who are involved in the cultural, artistic and educational tapestry of the greater Los Angeles area. We invite partners to perform (music, dance, theater), exhibit their artwork, and facilitate interactive workshops, demonstrations, and classes on topics that range from sustainable urban gardening to self defense for women. Mujeres de Maiz regularly collaborates with women artists and educators of African, Central and South American, Jewish, Filipina, Asian, Native American and Sri Lankan descent who recognize the need and potential of cross-racial solidarity.”

What are the goals for the future for Mujeres de Maiz?

Mujeres de Maiz celebrates their 20th anniversary in 2017. A retrospective museum exhibit and published anthology in honor of this milestone are being organized. The anthology currently consists of artistic works, academic essays and critiques, as well as Mujeres de Maiz artist/activist memoirs and visual materials that chronicle 20 years of art and activist work.   In addition, MdM strives to develop more youth programming including workshops, assemblies and conferences.  With our future programming we hope to only give opportunities for womyn artists, stage, and wall, but also with professional development, jobs and training.   To do this Mujeres de Maiz is considering transforming into a non-profit organization.  Stay updated to support  their future projects at

How can folks that don’t live in California get involved or support your work?

625446_10200464470352409_1307381170_nMdM works local but vision is global.  They have inspired collectives and chapters across the southwest.   Their zine is open to any self-identified womyn of color to submit original work in art, and poetry for publication.  In addition their are calls for artists for visual exhibitions on a yearly basis.   Artists and writers from down the street and around the world have been published in their Zines as well as performed on their stages, so consider becoming part of Mujeres de Maiz in these ways.   In addition supporting their work via their Mujer Meracado and Publications page enables them to continue and grow.

For more information and to get involved, please visit