Open call: Seeking Xicanx art on what it means to be Xicanx today

Open call: Seeking Xicanx art on what it means to be Xicanx today

OPEN CALL for artistic submissions from the public addressing the following question in an upcoming Xica Nation article:


What does it mean to be Xicanx in this generation?  Or Chicanx?  Raza?  Latinx?  Indigenous peoples?  People of color in the U.S.?


SEEKING: photos, original art, street art, poetry, written, multimedia, music

WHO SHOULD SUBMIT:  People of all ages are encouraged to submit original artwork.  If photos of street art/murals are submitted, please indicate any known details including specific location.

DEADLINE:  Friday 8/5/16

*UPDATE: The submission form is now closed.*



Iris Rodriguez

Iris Rodriguez is a Network Producer / Digital Strategist / Musical Artist / Author at Xica Media. If you enjoy the work we do, please donate to sponsor/support Xica Nation and Xica Media networks:

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    Just curious because I didn’t see what the event or project was, but will this be an anthology for the web? Something printed or an exhibition?

    1. Iris Rodriguez

      Submission will be presented in a future article right here on Xica Nation. Thanks.

  2. Cat Quintanilla

    Stone Carver Cat here. So I do have a series called ” genetic memories” that feature Meso American themed carvings. Would this be an appropriate submittal? Will links to our websites be possible?

    1. Iris Rodriguez

      Sure, you can submit as long as you are speaking of/for yourself.

  3. MBennyra

    Is this paid? Does a bio need to be submitted?

    1. Iris Rodriguez

      Hello and no, this is not a paid site or opportunity. Yes, you can submit a bio now or we will reach out before publication and solicit one.


  4. Flor Alicia Martinez

    I’m trying to submit something but an error is stating that the file is too large, it’s only 1 photograph. Help…

    1. Iris Rodriguez

      Hi there, I sent you an email so you can submit directly. Thanks!

  5. Lix Lopez

    Hello how many entries are allowed per person? Thank you!

      1. Suzy

        How can we submit multiple images? Thanks!

  6. Andres Peinado

    I had trouble submitting a poem, so I don’t know if it actually got uploaded. Do you get a notification is the file was received? I’ll try again though…

    1. Iris Rodriguez

      You can try again or you can email xicanation ( at )

  7. QA

    Is it too late to submit?

  8. Kafi

    Awesome. We’re past the deadline, but I’ll keep a look out for future calls for submission. I’m a librarian in a tiny town NC, and I work with a lot of talented Xicanx teens. I feel like their stories are often overlooked, navigating life in the middle of the woods with folks who have seldom met anyone whose great grandparents didn’t grow up in town and are still trying to pass laws to defy integration.

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