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March 16-20, 2020 | Tonala, Jalisco (Mexico)

You are cordially invited to attend the Traditional Mexican Parteria International Gathering and Intensive Training in Tonalá, Jalisco this coming Spring Break 2020.

This 5-day/6-night intensive retreat is open to women of color and allies who practice in communities of color. It is intended to respectfully preserve and promote traditional indigenous birth practices of Mexico.


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We are honored to feature

Angelina Martinez Miranda


The Abuela Angelina is a  world reknown traditional partera from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. She is the third generation of her family to practice parteria, which she began at age 7. She has attended over 13,000 births. 

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Lupita Galarza


María Guadalupe Becerra Galarza Military Nurse (retired) Graduate in Obstetrics and Midwife Educator in Perinatal Psychoprophylaxis. She is a Professional Childbirth Assistant, Professor at Lamar University, in the Women’s & Newborn Clinical Field, and belongs to the Unidar volunteer group. She is a Perinatal Advisor and Director of Con Parto Amor perinatal care center, where she provides comprehensive care to women in order to favor safe home birth care.


 women, practitioners, medical professionals, educators, community workers, healers, and people wanting to respectfully preserve traditional Mexican Parteria. Participants will receive certification of training. 

This is a family friendly event. Spanish-to-English translation will be available.

This once-in-a-lifetime event includes:

  • Intensive workshops taught by respected keepers of Parteria tradicional
  • 5-day/6-night stay in historic Tonalá, Jalisco
  • Transportation from/to GDL airport and during the week
  • Certification of training
Learning objectives

Circulos and hands-on workshops will offer traditional medicinal and ceremonial perspectives and best practices during:

  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Tonalpohualli Day Sign Count (Birth)
  • Postpartum
  • Lactation

Participants will receive hands-on training on traditional healing methods such as:

  • Limpias, sobadas, moxas, and medicinal plants for women’s health
  • Medicinal usage and best practices of the Mexican Rebozo
  • Cierre de cadera (Closing of the hips) ceremony
  • Temazcal medicine
Tour details
Monday 3/16/20 – Friday 3/20/20
Full Package price: $1250
basic package: $700
Limited seating

exclusive access to event

exclusive access to event
6 days hotel stay in historic Tonala, Jalisco
three meals per day
transportation to/from GDL airport

Reservations CAN be made after the Jan 15 deadline (and until Mar 1, 2020) but we cannot guarantee a room at the same hotel as other participants.  Accommodations are for a hotel room in the main plaza. Overflow hotels will be reserved as near by as possible as this is a heavy tourist season in the area.

Online payments are secured by Paypal. Payment by check is also available in the US. Please contact us to pay by check or for more information. We are unable to process refunds after March 1st.

About Tonala

Tonalá, Jalisco is located to the east of the Guadalajara metroplex but has a significant place in Mexican history. It’s Nahuatl name is Tonallan which translates to “land where the sun is born” and “land that keeps the count of time.” It’s central point is a mountain, called El Cerro de La Reina / the Mountain of the Queen. However, it is not just a mountain – it is a still-buried pyramid, geologically area of continued importance, millenary astronomical observatory and school, and sacred site associated with feminine power. The Cerro de La Reina has been a stopping point in the intercontinental Peace and Dignity Journeys since 1992. The original name of the mountain is Xictepetl, which means “mountain of the belly button.”

Tonalá plays an important part of Mexican history and living culture. Here are a few reasons why:

It was home to the a monarch, the last in Mexico, known as Queen Cihualpilli Tzapotzintli.

It is known as a “cuna alfarera” or millenary birthplace of Mexican pottery because of the veins of barro that are found near the Cerro.

It is considered a birthplace of Nahualismo.

It is home to one of the oldest “tianguis” or flea markets of Mexico, boasting over 1,000 years in existence.

It is the birthplace of the infamous Danza de los Tastoanes.

It is a sacred site, honored for over a millennia by many indigenous groups, traditionally called “Xictepetl,” mountain of the belly button. 

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