Camisa tradicional Chiapaneca


Camisa Tradicional Chiapaneca de Manta
100% Mexican cotton | From Chiapas
Available in assorted colors with multicolored patterns. Colors subject to availability.

The CAMISA TRADICIONAL CHIAPANECA de MANTA is a great choice whether you want to be comfortable, attend ceremony, dress for work, or decolonize your style. Made with pure cotton, the fabric is breathable and perfectly suited to keep you comfortable despite the weather.  Traditional Mexican stitch patterns from Chiapas bring eloquent style and culture into any environment, including the outdoors, home, or the work space. Direct from the maker.

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Limited supply.

Shirts comes in traditional Mexican sizes (each piece is uniquely sized, considered XL size in US)
Average shirt dimensions: approx. 28.5″ in length, 23″ wide. 

International shipping is available to the US. Estimated arrival is 15-22 business days.

All our selections are ethically-sourced and uphold fair trade practices.

Model: Ce Acatl of Yacatsol music. Master artist and intergenerational musician of indigenous music and instrumentation of prehispanic Mexico. Also part of the Tonala tour. Link: