The Compassion of the Feathered Serpent: A Chicano Worldview

December 3, 2013

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This is a story about God, a red native God, native to the Americas and yet the very same God worshipped throughout the world with different names. Macias takes the reader through a virginal journey into Chicano philosophy, employing the spirit world and his native ancestors as he makes his way wearing serpentine glasses through his belief system, abandoning Catholicism in the process as he embraces “La Esencia de las Cosas,” the Mexica worldview taught to him by Andres Segura Granados, the conchero maestro and capitan-general de la danza. The author begins with his birth in the 1940’s as he explores factors that led to his involvement in the beginning stages of the 1960’s Chicano Movement in southern and northern California, both in politics as well as the Chicano artist community. Mexican history is re-visited from a Mexica/Maya native perspective, as Macias lays the foundation for the native worldview which came to recognize the One God, Ometeotl, Hunab K’u. In the process, his personal life story becomes intertwined with native belief to create one serpentine tale, honoring the spiritual essence of the Americas, the Feathered Serpent.

Available in ebook and paperback.

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