A statement by the Continental Commission of Abya Yala (Turtle Island / the Americas)

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Fall Equinox 2015: Statement of the Continental Commission Abya Yala

Reaffirming our ancestral responsibilities to Mother Earth and to one another



Read at the Wampum Lot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We have been called to the lands of the Lenape to unite and reaffirm our ancestral responsibilities as caretakers of Mother Earth in a time of severe climate change.

We stand together today to reaffirm our ancestral responsibilities to Mother Earth and to one another as original Nations. This coalition, and the agreements we have made among our collective Nations will further unite us in our efforts as we stand together to fight colonialism and its lasting effects.
We as Indigenous Peoples and Nations are the original caretakers of the land and have lived here since time immemorial. We, like our Ancestors have agreed to continue to fulfill this responsibility in peace and friendship with all other nations.
As caretakers of Mother Earth we acknowledge and recognize the ongoing impacts of climate change which affects us all, and that the most severe impacts will befall future generations. The denial of this reality by political leaders at the highest level in the world today amounts to the criminal violations of the human rights of future generations which we will not allow to continue.
As a coalition of nations of indigenous peoples that have agreed to work together, we are calling again to our younger brothers of the immigrant settler republics of the Americas to recognize the collective trauma of colonization, and the ongoing destruction to the natural world which has brought the human species to the threat of extinction.
This coalition and any agreements made between our respective nations will further unite us in our efforts to stand together in addressing the ongoing colonization in our territories and its lasting effects.
As children of Mother Earth may we all find the courage and vision to address these challenging issues in peace, friendship, and justice.





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Continental Commission Abya Yala

Wampum Lot

Lenape Nation Territories

[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]