Sage against the machine: Josie speaks

Sage against the machine: Josie speaks

A Xica Nation exclusive video interview with Josie Valadez Fraire, an indigenous Xicana/MeXicana who was recently harassed and detained by Denver police for praying with sage at an anti-Trump rally in Denver, Colorado.

From the Justice for Josie FB page.

From the Justice for Josie event page:
“On Friday, July 1st, Josie was handcuffed, detained, cited and had a mugshot taken by DPD for smudging sage……. Josie was a peaceful demonstrator at a Trump protest and was exercising her First Amendment rights to let her voice be heard that his hatred was not welcomed in Denver……..Lets support Josie in court and the Constitutional Rights and Spiritual belief’s of our Indigenous People.”

Video of incident:

Exclusive Xica Nation interview:

After the incident:

A message from Josie:

Link to Spanish language interview with Josie:—Denver-385274191.html

How you can support:

  • Share news, pictures, updates about Josie and the incident across your social media networks
  • Connect with Josie directly or on the Justice for Josie page and share words of encouragement
  • Send donations to Homies Unidos Denver on Josie’s behalf
  • Burn your sage and pray for Josie and all our relations under attack across Turtle Island


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