Save the date: Fri 10/1 in San Antonio-National Book Launch for Dr. Cintli’s New Book

From our dear friends at Aztlan Libre Press:

Friends & Colleagues:

Save The Date for the first in-person event of a National Book Launch Tour for “Writing 50 Years (más o menos) Amongst the Gringos” by award-winning journalist and professor Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodríguez (see attached flyer, press release, book cover and photo). Aztlan Libre Press and Dr. Cintli are excited to launch their new book as part of the Grand Opening of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center’s Latino Bookstore & Gift Shop in San Antonio, Texas, and to share the stage with two heavyweights en la Literatura Xicanx and Madrina/Padrino of the Latino Bookstore, Dr. Carmen Tafolla and Dr. Tomás Ybarra Frausto. Cintli will be signing books after the readings and you can tour the new Bookstore & Gift Shop which is at 1300 Guadalupe St. (corner of Guadalupe & Brazos St.).
If you can’t make it on October 1st, the bookstore will have regular operating hours and will be carrying Aztlan Libre Press books and cards. You can still pre-order Cintli’s new book at a discounted price, and get more info on our website at Aztlan Libre Press.
Tlazokamati/Gracias for your support of Indigenous/Xicanx/Latinx authors, artists, independent presses and bookstores. Hope to see you there on Oct 1st and thanks for spreading the palabra.
Anisa Onofre & Juan Tejeda
Publishers/Aztlan Libre Press