Solidarity with Standing Rock: Front line video of police attack on Sat 10/22/16

Solidarity with Standing Rock: Front line video of police attack on Sat 10/22/16

Attack by police at Standing Rock, Saturday, Oct 22, 2016.

The following videos are from the front lines at Standing Rock, North Dakota where people in prayer were surrounded and attacked by police on Saturday, October 22, 2016.

As reported previously on Xica Nation, the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) is a threat to all people and the native children of Cemanahuac / Turtle Island.  The water protectors at the at the Standing Rock reservation are the ones leading the way to protect our vital resources.  The money trail behind the project extends far beyond North Dakota, from Donald Trump all the way down to Texas, where Kelsey Warren, head of Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind DAPL, was appointed to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission in 2015 by Gov. Greg Abbott.  As it turns out, the DAPL is one of many catastrophic pipelines planned to gut, contaminate, and control earth resources, with the controversial Trans Pecos Pipeline also being constructed.

Today in Standing Rock, human rights and treaties were once again violated as police attacked water protectors with force and violence, using army tactics and led by the wasichu henchmen of Morton County Sheriff’s department and others who recently heeded an extra-judicial call by the sheriff for an armed mob of officers (from outside the jurisdiction) to come to Standing Rock to raise an army against the prayer camp.

There were reports of fire hoses spraying pepper spray on people:

Via Andrew Ironshell:

“daughter just called and said one of the members of their youth council got their hand busted by morton county officers using batons on youth and women and that they have a ‘fire hose’ spewing tear gas at them. this is happening now, she called me five minutes ago. – they are struggling to capture a signal but are working on getting it out live to the public”

The following feeds were able to go public as the communication signals became scrambled:

“Before the attack by police”:

“Before during and after attack by police”:

“During attack”:

SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Wiyaka Eagleman, Indigenous Life MovementAtsa E’sha HofererAshley Melton, and Bucky Harjo for your service as digital warriors!  The world is watching!!!

NOTE: To save the videos, click “play” then “stop.”  Right-click, then select “Save as…”

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Iris Rodriguez

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  1. william towe

    I raised my daughter thst if she felt something was unfair or unjust that she had to use her head. Be kind and respectful if she wanted to make a change. That she needed to respect athorities and use the system to make a change. Here she is standing with people of her blood doing as I taught her.
    I now stand wondering what I taught her? Did I lie. The years as an instructional parent, did I go wrong. She us among those being pepper sprayed znd beaten then arrested . She was doing as I taught her. Did I teach her wrong. This action by authorities is unjust and all wrong. What do I tell her now? They had no wepons. The sang, beat the drums, prayed as a group.
    I am at a loss for reason! All my life my parents taught me respect authority, respect the law. I wa taught to voice my opinion pea,cfull. I in turn raised my daughters to do likewise. Now I doubt whst I taught.
    I now need to change my way of thinking for 60 yesrs. I am angry because I was taught znd also taught a great liie. I read many stories about the treatment of my red blood. I accepted treaty money for my red blood. Now I must find a way to return what I took. I am lost as to how. I will keep my prayers for they are mine and hope that answers will be given. I am told to wait but for how long?
    I have met many kind and just people in my lifetime. I often wondered why so many good people crossed paths with me and me with them. I am asking all those who were on those paths to help me now. Please do what you can to help stop another injustice to the people’s of the plains. The Genevieve has not stopped. The wanton destruction and grabbing if native lands is happening today in 2016 on American soil. Please help to stop this injustice if just with a prayer or voice, even just a whisper. This has got to stop. Time to draw the line on the soil at Standing Rock. End the destruction of sacred land, the contamination of our waters. Let everyone you know or speak with, let them know it is time to speak up against this horrible injustice.
    What do we do when our children or thier children one day ask, “you were alive then mom, dad, grandpa, grandma. Why did you not try and stop it?” What did you do while this was happening?” “Where were you then?”

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