This week’s community survey is seeking to re-member the indigenous names of the land.  

We’d love to hear your stories and get to know the name of your lands (city/county/state/nation) in your tribal language.  

We highly encourage inter-generational collaboration as well as classroom participation.  If you have a non-computing relative that would like to share their story, we kindly ask your assistance in bridging the digital divide so that their story can be shared.  If you are a teacher and would like to assign this question to your students, we’d love to publish your stories.

You can submit your story in the following ways:

– by commenting directly on this post
– via Skype video message (Skype: xica.nation)
– via Youtube video link (as a comment to this post)
– via phone/voice mail at 210-209-9539 (San Antonio)
– via in-browser voice mail (button on the right side of your screen)

Please distribute widely!

Please allow approx. 12 hours for comments to go live.