Texas Indigenous History Online: Police Actions

Texas Indigenous History Online: Police Actions

The following links were recently shared by Tribal Chairman Juan Macias of the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas as part of an event he is organizing called the Memorial Vigil for the Killing of Native People in December, which is being held from December 26-29th, 2014 across the country (virtually) originating out of Floresville, Texas.


“It is a moment to become aware of happenings in Texas that were considered police actions,” he adds.


These are a few links that can provide information on historical events around Texas.  These are just a few events that will be commemorated at the vigil this December.


Battle of Palo Duro Canyon, Texas



Battle of Blanco Canyon, Texas



Battle of Yellow House Canyon, Texas



Council House Fight, Texas



Battle of Dove Creek, Texas



Battle of Pease River, Texas





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