The night our faces “painted” the Alamo

The night our faces “painted” the Alamo

Today’s featured guest on Xica Nation is Laura Varela (artist, filmmaker, and creative director) at Varela Film and Xica Media networks.

On March 19, 2009 for just a few hours, the face of the Alamo was covered in a series of brown and earth-colored faces of native San Antonio people. The lawn was covered in tipis with warm-colored lights that pulsated like a community of heartbeats. It was the first and last time this happened.

We sat down with Laura to talk about the herstoric Enlight-tents art installation that was a part of the Luminaria festival of San Antonio. We discussed her creative process, the behind-the-scenes story and how they were able to manifest the project despite a tight budget, the public reaction, and the importance of Xicanx indigenous art.

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Interview with Laura Varela

Full Enlight-tents video

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