Today’s featured guest on Xica Nation is Laura Varela (artist, filmmaker, and creative director) at Varela Film and Xica Media networks.

On March 19, 2009 for just a few hours, the face of the Alamo was covered in a series of brown and earth-colored faces of native San Antonio people. The lawn was covered in tipis with warm-colored lights that pulsated like a community of heartbeats. It was the first and last time this happened.

We sat down with Laura to talk about the herstoric Enlight-tents art installation that was a part of the Luminaria festival of San Antonio. We discussed her creative process, the behind-the-scenes story and how they were able to manifest the project despite a tight budget, the public reaction, and the importance of Xicanx indigenous art.

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Interview with Laura Varela

Full Enlight-tents video