VIDEO: Tehuan Nican Titlacah Centzonmilpan: #SelfDeterminationMatters

Via Tonatierra on YouTube

The Sentiment of Anáhuac

Taking into account the historical horizon of the anniversary of the 500 years of dispossession, colonization, and genocide that our Indigenous Peoples of Anáhuac have survived since August 13, 1521;

Realizing the inherent and permanent cultural, political, and ecological will that We the Peoples and Original Nations of Anáhuac maintain by virtue of our international right of Self Determination;

Recalling and reaffirming that the limits of our ancestral territories as Indigenous Peoples and Confederations of Indigenous Nations of Anáhuac are not prescribed under any colonizing or legaloid concept such as the Doctrine of the Discovery of Christendom, nor the international borders imposed with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848);

Denouncing the imposition of the Discovery Doctrine of 1492 as the legaloid basis which the Mexican state claims in order to usurp and violate our territories without moral or legal justification, embodied in the concept of Original Property of the Nation which was instituted nationally with the Constitution of Mexico 1917;

We repudiate and reject this racist, discriminatory and feudal policy that the current Mexican state continues to normalize in a predatory and oppressive way against our collective rights as Original Peoples of Anáhuac, particularly in the cases of megadevelopment projects;

We reaffirm and proclaim here our IN ĪNEMATIYĀ ĀNĀHUAC, our feelings and reason as Original Peoples of Anahuac, Indigenous Peoples equal in right to all other peoples of the world;

We make the call throughout the breadth and depth of Anahuac to realize the termination and formal repeal in the political scheme of the Mexican state of the nefarious Doctrine of Discovery and the legaloid concept of Original Property of the Nation, as a dehumanizing and genocidal instrument that continues to normalize the dispossession and annihilation of our Indigenous Peoples,

We proclaim the date of August 13, 2021 as the date of a definitive resolution and in the spirit of Self Determination as Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Anáhuac, we will take the necessary actions to realize justice for our Indigenous Peoples, with the purpose of not allowing the passing of yet another 500 more years of the destruction of our Sacred Mother Earth.

Original Nations in Defense of the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth