As originally posted on 06/25/14 on Indigenous Cultures Institute / Sacred Sites and part of the NBC learn series

White Shaman Panel

The White Shaman Panel, named for a major figure drawn in white on the rock art, is located at the mouth of the Pecos River and is dated as being 4,000 years old. Coahuiltecan elders and community members are examining the figures on this panel and working with archeologists who are studying this rock art. Elders believe that this panel has elements of the creation story of the Coahuiltecan people, and documents the pilgrimage of people who visited the ancient and sacred peyote gardens in South Texas and northern Mexico. Indigenous Cultures Institute developed a lecture series on this spiritual narrative and toured this presentation during 2013.

NBC Learn Video: Jacob Aguilar’s journey to visit his ancestors at the White Shaman panel near Comstock, Texas, accompanied by family members and Dr. Mario Garza, and Gary Perez.